Will It Be Survival Of The Fittest In The Canadian Legal Cannabis

 At the beginning of legalization in Canada 2018 their was a huge demand cannabis and there just wasn't enough stores or products available for all people wanting to try out what this new legal industry had to offer. People got excited as well as investors and over investment definitely happened.
 Places like Alberta now have over 600 stores through out the province which is more then any other province. But did they get a lil carried away? Some definitely think so and are saying now we are seeing a over production of cannabis products and so many stores to buy from that this will soon start "slimming the herd" and stores in province that have to compete with Government store may find it even harder. 
 This slimming will also start happening to cannabis producers too now that the industry is opening up to Craft Cannabis Producers. These companies are already growing too much cannabis that is not really sellable now that the hype of legalization has died down and now quality is what people want not quantity.
 Predictions are that up to 20% to 25% of stores may not make it in the future market, same can be said for producers who have to compete with Craft Quality. It will be an interesting next few years to say the least. 
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