Section #1 - Links to Documented Grow Series Pages

Section #2 - New! Optic LED Videos

Section #3 - Optic LED Harvest Videos

Section #4 - Optic LED Reviews




Section 1

Documented Grow Series Pages

WestCoast Cannabis - Optic 8+ vs Optic 6 Gen4 vs Slim600H

DR Autoflower Grow Optic 8+ vs Slim 600H

LED Grow Guy and his double Slim 600H Grow Room

Optic 4XL Vs Optic 8+ - Side by Side Grow 

Optic 8+ The Pound Game Grow Series 

Optic 4 Gen2- Lightmover Grow Series

Optic 1 - 3 Autos 3 COBs Grow Series

Optic 1 XL - 100 watt COB LED Grow 

Optic LED Commercial Grow Videos

Optic LED Reviews


Commercial Grow Facilities

Hicksford Farms 

Giggle Bush Farms

Okie Highland Cannabis Farms


Section 2

-New Videos (Added Regularly)

 Optic 6 Gen4 Unboxing - Dayton at Optic LED Grow Lights

 Dayton AKA Dr Autoflower Grow Video

 Slim 600h Unboxing Dayton with Optic LED Grow Lights


 Optic 150 VEG Dimmable LED Grow Light Unboxing and Review - 

 Day#20 Flower - Optic 8+ 


 Day#18 Flower - Optic 8+


Slim 600h- Optic 8+ & Optic 6 gen4 Grow

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 Slim 600h- Optic 8+ & Optic 6 gen4 Grow

 4x8 Grow Series starting back up.



Slim 600H - Coming out on Black Friday or sooner!



100watt Optic 1XL, Optic 1XL Dimmable & 120w Bloom Enhancer Array



CannaCon Oklahoma City 2019 - NEW Samsung LED Tech integrated with CREE LED Tech to give you the best of both worlds. 

 Optic LED Headquarters October 2019 - New Samsung + CREE LED tech


 Hicksford Farms Drying Room from Optic 8+ Harvest (July 2019)

 Amazing Bud Quality from the Optic 4XL vs Optic 8+ Grow

 Optic 4XL vs Optic 8+ Side by Side Grow - Harvest Results

Hicksford Farms Flower Room Tour halfway through harvest (July 2017)

Giggle Bush Farms Tour - Medical Cannabis Cultivation - Oklahoma

Giggle Bush Farms - 60 Second Preview

Okie Highland Cannabis - 30+ units Optic 8+ Perpetual Grow


Side By Side Grow - Optic 8+ 5x5 Harvest (Optic 4XL vs Optic 8+)



New ! FAR RED BLOOM ENHANCER - 120 Watt Dimmable LED

New! XL4 COB Array Review & PAR Meter Test


 Section 3


Dry Weight Harvest Results 

Optic 8+ - 2.4 Grams Per Watt! (42.96 ounces / 2.67lbs) 


Optic 8+ Harvest Video#3of3 (Last 2 Plants - the Mega Yielders)

 Optic 8+ Harvest video#2of3 (Harvesting 2 Plants)

Optic 8+ Harvest video#1of3 (Harvesting 4 Plants)


Optic 1XL - Dutch Kush Photoperiod - (Optic1 vs Optic 1XL)(WCC)

Optic 1 XL - Dry Weight Harvest Results -7oz / 1.96gpw


Optic 1 XL - Harvesting 2 Autos from 100w COB LED Grow

 Optic 1 XL Harvest Video


Optic 4 Dry Weight Harvest Results

 Optic 4 Massive Harvest (WestCoast Cannabis)

 Optic 4 Harvest Video (Video 2 of 2) (WestCoast Cannabis)

Optic 4 LED Starting the Harvest (Video 1 of 2) (WestCoast Cannbis) 

Optic 4 Day#100 HUGE BUDs grown with Optic 4 (WestCoast Cannabis)

Optic 4 Dry Weight Harvest Results (2nd Optic 4 Harvest for Dr Auto)

Optic 4 - Harvesting BIG FAT BUDs (DR Auto 2nd Harvest with Optic 4)

Optic 4 Photoperiod Harvest - DR Autoflower's first Harvest with Optic 4

Optic 4 Photperiod Harvest (video 2 of 2) Dr Autoflower

Optic 4's Dry Weight Harvest Results (Bloom Bloom Room)

Optic 1 vs Optic 1 Harvest Results - Glueberry OG & Blueberry Photoperiod Plants

Optic 1 Harvest - Glueberry OG Photoperiod - Optic 1XL vs Optic1 Grow

Optic 1 Harvest Results


 Section 4

OPTIC LED Review Videos

Optic 4 XL - Unboxing - Review - 2 minute Par Meter Test (WestCoast Cannabis)


Optic 8+ Reviews (Dr Autoflower)

 Optic 8+ Unboxing & Review (Bloom Bloom Room)

Optic 8+ Demo, Review & Expectations


 Optic 8+ Garden Dr Autoflower


Optic 8+ Unboxing (baylien warriors)

 Optic 8+ How to use it in the garden (Bloom Bloom Room)



Optic 6 Reviews

 Optic 6 PAR METER Testing in Grow Room (WestCoast Cannabis)

 Optic 6 unboxing & Review (Dr Autoflower)


 Optic LED 


Optic 2 Reviews


Unboxing & Review Optic 2 (Monarch Garden)

 Optic 1 Reviews


Optic 1 XL Review (Optic LED Grow Lights)


 Optic 1 XL Unboxing & Review (Dr Autoflower)

Optic 1 XL Unboxing and review 

Unboxing & Demo (Polo Purpp)

 Phantom 1XL Review - Rows of Green