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The Optic LED Grow Light Story

       Optic LED Grow Lights was formed by experienced growers who traditionally utilized High Intensity Discharge lighting and achieved spectacular results with it bringing in Top shelf quality Harvests year after year. As LEDs began gaining momentum and popularity the founders were skeptical at first, but with the promise of reducing electrical consumption by up to Half while producing almost no heat all while maintaining the same Amazing quality Harvest was too good of an opportunity to pass on.

        While Hesitant to buy into some of the new overpriced LED technologies The research team at Optic LED began running tests on various LED Panels in the market today. After testing many of the top brands in the market today that's when they discovered the need for a highly efficient LED Grow Light that actually delivers all that is being promised all at an affordable price. Bringing a High Power, Highly efficient LED light at an affordable price would change the Indoor Gardening Industry as we know it forever. No more over inflating the prices just because of the electricity savings.

       Instead the research team asked the questions:

“Why are the current LEDs in the market falling short?”

“Why are all the good LEDs so expensive?”

“How can we build upon the current LED technologies, bring them to the next level and make it all more affordable at the same time for the home grower?”

           The desire to answer these questions along with the Dream of providing a high end LED Grow Light experience at an affordable price pushed the team to develop a Lineup of LED Grow Lights that not only live up to the hype but exceed it.

          After all was said and done the international team efforts had developed something even more than they ever thought was possible. Delivering the Optic Line of LEDs from Optic LED which are the culmination of the team's hard work and dedication to bringing these works of art to Life for the masses to enjoy.