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Warranty Program 

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Warranty Program: 

         10 Year industry Best Warranty is a strong indicator of the quality of these Optic LED Grow Light Fixtures. Optic LED fully stands behind their high quality LED Grow Lights and is committed to supporting you in keeping your light fully operational for 10 years or longer! Optic LEDs are engineered with industry best components including USA Made CREE LED'S, Samsung LED's, Meanwell Driver's and massively overbuilt heatsinks for passive cooling. Optic LED's last years longer than other LED Grow Lights and also maintain their value better as they are backed with the more robust warranty coverage and built with the worlds best components. 

           Most LED Companies make throw away lights that only last 3 years and then Growers send the 3 year old light to a landfill where the light will stay for the rest of eternity wasting half of the components. Optic LED is forward thinking, We engineer and build LED Grow Lights that can last for 10+ Years. All Optic LEDs are assembled with 4 main components, The Drivers, LED Boards, Heatsinks and Dimmers. We use industry best Meanwell Drivers which are already known to last forever so this nearly eliminates drivers from the list of warranty parts. The Heat sinks themselves are aluminum and not possible to break. We have installed "Plug and Play Connectors" on the LED Boards & Dimmers so any grower can easily plug in a new Part if they were to break their light in the warranty period. 


Models Covered under 10 Year Warranty

Models: Slim 720S, Slim 650S, Slim 600S, Slim 600h, Slim 500S, Slim 320S, Slim 320h VEG, Slim 100, PhatSlim 1XL, PhatSlim One, Optic 8+ NextGen, Optic 6 gen4, Optic 4XL NextGen, Optic 2 Gen4, Optic 1XL

    to file a warranty claim contact us here.

- Contact

What is Not Covered

This 10 year warranty does not cover any damage, deterioration or malfunction resulting from any alteration, modification, improper or unreasonable use or maintenance, misuse, abuse, neglect, exposure to excess moisture or other acts of nature.  


*How to make a Warranty Claim

             In order to enforce the rights under this warranty, the original purchaser must notify Optic LED of a warranty claim by emailing Optic LED

- 2-4 pictures of the light, one of the sticker on the top of the light

- A video would be helpful if it makes it easier to show the problem

- brief description of the problem.

- the name you ordered under

- your current shipping address.


Where do I email my Warranty Claim information? 

Located in USA, Email:

Located in Canada, Email:

Located Outside of N.America: Email:

  The Optic LED representative will request 2-3 photos showing defect and the light in its entirety so they can submit an official warranty claim. Its very important that we receive a picture that shows the defect up close but also pictures that show the light in its entirety. Once the claim is submitted with the correct photos a response back on the warranty claim will take 1-2 business days.

      When the response comes back from your claim you will get a resolution plan to get your light back up and running at 100% in a timely manner. Our light is designed with all plug and play connectors so growers can easily plug in a new part if anything ever happens helping avoid costly down time or having to pay to send your light in for repair. 



 How Our Warranty Program Works over Time

Years of Ownership                           Coverage

1-3 years                           Free Parts & Free Shipping 

4-5 years                           Free Parts - $29-$199 Shipping 

6-10 years                         Free Support - Pay for Parts & Shipping

        * If you are located outside of USA, Then you will be charged shipping costs anytime you process a warranty claim to have parts mailed out to you. Shipping Costs vary depending on where you are located. Shipping costs most of the time fall into the $29-$99 range.

          If Optic LED Deems the Light fixture was not properly maintained due to neglect we reserve the right to charge for Parts & shipping at any time. If Optic LED Deems the warranty claim as damage caused by the grower hitting the light or dropping it we reserve the right to charge for shipping and parts. Optic LEDs purchased in 2015, 2016 & 2017 came with a 5 year warranty and are no longer covered under warranty protection and will have to pay for shipping and parts.







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