How to Start a Commercial Cannabis Farm in Canada

How to Start a Commercial Cannabis Farm in Canada. 


This is a Guide to helping you open a Federally Legal Commercial Grow Operation in Canada. Although cannabis commercial licensing is done on a federal level, provinces are left to make the final call on Recreational Laws such as how and where it is sold to consumers. Below you will see a province by province break down of each of their Recreational Cannabis Frameworks 


5 Steps to starting a new Commercial Grow Operation

#1 Choose where you want to do business and understand the Federal Regulations for the type of Cultivation License your are applying for (Standard, Micro or Nursery License) and understand your provinces Recreational Cannabis Framework


#2 Secure a Facility that is a viable location for a Cannabis Grow Facility.

#3 Figure out your business plan, set a budget to get started and raise capital.

#4 Establish a team then apply for your Commercial Grow License. 

#5 Once approved, Setup the facility and begin growing!



 Link to Federal License Info For Standard, Micro and Nursery Licenses

 Insight to Micro Licenses - Useful info

Provincial Info (Remember that Cultivation Licenses are under Federal Regulations not Provincial)


Licensed cannabis producer in British Columbia Support .

BC Government has just announced plans to allow Farm to Gate sales for Micro License Produces just like wineries which is huge news


Alberta Legal Recreational Cannabis Framework.



Saskatchewan Legal Recreational Cannabis Framework.


Manitoba Legal Recreational Cannabis Framework.



Ontario Legal Recreational Cannabis Framework.


Cannabis Collage courses provided in Ontario.



Quebec Legal Recreational Cannabis Framework


Cannabis Collage courses provided in Quebec


 NL, NB, NS and PEI Legal Recreational Cannabis Framework.







Yukon, N.W.T. and Nunavut Legal Recreational Cannabis Framework.






More info.

 Link to Cannabis Producer Regulations.