Canada Commercial Cannabis Farms Program

Canada Commercial Cannabis Farms Program

Proven Industry Best Results. Period.




 NEW! Optic LED Touchscreen Master Controller

- Automated Sunrise and Sunset Feature will save you up to 20% on electricity costs when you include the saving in air conditioning as well. 

- Manual Dimmer Controls: You can Dim Up or down all of your lights together

- All Optic LED Models compatible with the touchscreen Controller. 

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              Optic LED Commercial Cultivation Program will tailor a Lighting plan that will help you maximize production in your square footage of boutique quality medical cannabis. We will help you build a multi phase plan around what your vision is for your farm. All of our lighting plans will give you target yields for your crops as well as wholesale pricing for what the crop is worth in the current market and beyond. 

             Our Optimized Yield Program gives you support from our team of lighting professionals to help you get the best yields of boutique bud utilizing the latest in LED Technology. We help you plan from Day 1 that sets you up for success based upon what the top cultivators are doing in the industry today. Optic LED Commercial Lighting guarantees you Industry best return on upfront investment. No matter what your budget is we have many lighting choices for you and will help you figure which is best for your farm. 


            Our Commercial Cultivation Program gives you 1 year free of our "Optimized Yield Program" including a lighting plan, cultivation plan, projected yields, status reports & a scheduled site visit to see your lights in action. The Optimized Yield Program will help you get your farm launched, harvests under your belt and money coming in. We provide you the tools you need to get a profitable new venture up and running successfully or help you upgrade your existing grow facility. get started call us today!


Dayton with Optic LED

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Click 1 of the farm names below to see some of our the Optic LED Farms. 


Hicksford Farms  (Optic 8+ , Slim 600h & Optic 300 VEG)

Monkey Guru - California ( Optic 8+, Optic 8+ NextGen)

Lucky Llama Farms - (Optic 8+) 00

Tetrad Farming CO - (Optic 8+ )

E5 Farms - (Optic 8+ & Optic 6 Gen3)

Local Leaf Growers - Slim 600h & Optic 300VEG

Happy Hemp Farmacy - Tennessee CBD - Optic 6

Southern Oklahoma Bud (Optic 8+ & Optic 2VEG)

Okie Highland Cannabis Farms (Optic 8+)

Central Bud WholeSale Company (Optic 8+ & Optic 2VEG)

McClam Griffith & Assoc Farms (Optic 8+ & Optic 2 VEG)

W&H Farms (Optic 8+ & Optic 300VEG)

Grady Co Farms (Optic 8+)

412 Climax - (Optic 4XL)

Sheets MM Farms (Optic 8+ & Optic 6)

M&J Craft Cannabis (Optic 8+ & Optic 300VEG)

Elevated Relief - Optic 4XL  


Here are the Top Lights Used By our Commercial Farms. 

Dimmable COB LED Grow Lights

Optic 8+ NextGen - Yields Up to 3.06lbs 

Optic 6 Gen4 - Yields up to 3.05 lbs


Dimmable Vertical Farming Flower Lights

Slim 600H 

Slim 480H

Dimmable Vertical Farming VEG Lights

Slim 320H VEG 

Optic 8+ Commercial Cultivation


Hicksford Farms (Durant, Oklahoma)

Optic 8 Flower Room - Perpetual Grow

Hicksford Farms - Multiple Rooms of Optic 8+ - 

Some Strains Yield as much as 3lbs per Light per harvest.

Trellis Netting Over the Canopy of each 4foot wide Row to Support the 

thick heavy colas that the 500 watt Optic 8+ Produces. 

Optic 8+ Flower Room in Action

See how the Optic 8+ Finishes in Flower with all those Deep Reds & UV