The Legalization Of Quality Cannabis Will Change The Canadian Market

In 2018 Canada became the first G20 Country and the 2nd Country in the world to Legalize Cannabis. But for everyone in the cannabis scene this rolled out to be just one big JOKE. Prices were rediculus and the quality of cannabis was a laughing stock. The way the system was 1st set up only multi million dollar companies were able to get into this industry but it was very obvious that it seemed like the only thing they worried about was who had the biggest gardens or who could produce the most instead of worrying about the actual quality of their products.
 Now tons and tons of ageing low quality products sit on shelves or in storage not selling and the retailers are getting the short end of the stick. All across Canada these producer companies are taking note of what's happening to the market and to be able to compete with new players in the industry they will need to re think how they do business.
Who are the new players? Well, many them are actually the old players who they tried to cut out, and the big guys are scared. Craft Cannabis producers with Micro Licenses will soon to be hitting the market as well as farmgate sales in some places following in the steps of craft beer companies.
Once the true players in the Cannabis Industry have a seat at the Legal Market quality will be king as it should be.
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