USA Store announcement Better Prices, Faster Delivery Times & & Better Customer Service! #GameChanger

- What is Optic LED Doing to make your experience as a customer better?


         Optic LED invested into a 2nd USA Shipping HUB in Oklahoma City which has 3 main benefits for all of our Customers & Optic LED Growers.


#1 - Our Shipping Cost is reduced by a substantial amount so we passed that savings along to you in the form of lower prices permanently on all products by 5%-15%.

#2 2-Day Delivery - Shipping times are being reduced to 2Day nationwide shipping in "OpticLED Express" shipping zones which is 85% of usa beginning sometime in November.

#3 Better Customer service for all OpticLED Customers. we are building a team at the OKC Store & Shipping Hub to provide better support via Phone, Email, Direct Messaging on social media & In store demo or pickup. 



       Optic LED in the growers community is widely viewed as the LED company for the Growers. 

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