Auto Sunrise & Sunset - Save up to an additional 25% in electricity Costs

           Optic LED continues to be committed to give the Optic LED Growers exactly what they want. It took Optic LED over a year to develope our own Touch Screen Master Controller technologies that we will be able to upgrade over time and make better and better for you the grower.  All Growers work hard to recreate mother nature and the touchscreen controller helps get you a step close by automating the light intensity to recreate the Sunrise & Sunset. Save big on electricity costs by having a more efficient operation of your lighting. 


         Here is a video to show you How the Auto Sunrise and Sunset feature looks like on the following LED Grow Lights. 

Optic 8+ NextGen - Optic 4XL NextGen - Slim 600h - Slim 480H 







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