TOP LED Tech Company 5 Years in Row!


             Optic LED is the TOP LED Tech Company for 5 Years in a Row! It all started 5 Years ago, when Optic LED designed, patented and manufactured the world famous Optic 8+ COB LED. This light growers were dreaming of for years White Light PLUS Deep RED and UV with Triple Dimmer Spectrum Control. This is back when there were only a few LED Companies doing White Light LEDs all of the other brands were doing what we used to call Blurple LEDs, which is when your grow space is illuminated by Purple Light or Pink Light making it extremely hard to see and work on your plants producing mediocre yields.

          Optic LED changed the game delivering Full Spectrum white Light with extremely powerful USA Made CREE CXB3590 COB LED Chips, rated at 137 watts max power & proven to yield over 2 grams per watt on Video documented grows. Optic 8+ had supplemental bloom enhancers with a mega load of Ultra Violet with a total of 8 UV LEDs combined with the Deep RED and Infrared LEDs for amazing Bloom Enhancement and Spectrum. To top it all of we delivered a next level Spectrum Control with 3 Dimmers so you can tune your Red and Blue ratios depending on your needs. Grow Seed to harvest easily with tunable spectrum geared towards flowering heavy yields of thick resinous buds with high thc % Ratings. Since then Optic LED has been known as the King of CREE COB LED Tech offering an array of 12 different models for all growers and spaces. 

       Slim 600h gen1, 3 Years ago was the weapon that helped Optic LED Change the Game once again with Samsung Horticulture Diodes entering the Field of Bar Style lights and being the first company to bring the NEW Samsung 3.0 umols/j LM301H White Light LED Chips to market. The Competitors were left flabbergasted, The Growers roared with excitement and #TeamOptic was officially mainstream. 

        Then in 2019 the Optic Touch Screen Master Controller was released with the coveted Auto Sunrise and sunset, full timer and ability to up to 100 Lights from 1 controller. The Controller Ports had already been built into 20 Different models in preparation in launching the controller. For the first time there was a controller that could program 3 independent dimmers at different settings throughout the day. The Controller Alone instantly could save growers up to 25% on their electricity costs putting optic led with lowest operating costs in the industry. 

      Then in 2020 Optic LED released the Slim 650S Triple Dimmer, 8 BAR Light with just under 3,200 LED Chips and the first mainstream LED Company in America to be featuring the highly anticipated 3.2 umols/j LH351H Deep Red and Royal BLUE Diodes. The Only Bar Light Ever created at this time with a 3 Way Dimer Setting of RED, White and Blue Diodes and Controller tech so it can be programmed into a touchscreen controller to run the light or a series of the lights. 

       Then in 2021 to begin the Year Optic LED began using Samsung's Latest LH351H Version 2 diodes that are 3.75 umols/J but we waiting until June to announce to the community that we have been using the V2 Chips in all Slim Series models since January and kept it secret for as long as possible then announced the community of thousands of customers on our mailing lists that their light actually featured even better LED Chips then what we had previously told them which was a pleasant surprise for them. 


        Optic LED Takes Pride in being a company of Growers, LED Engineers, Designers and LED Connoisseurs. Optic LED continues to win year after year offering its loyal community of customers a piece of what the future holds. Optic LED is fanatical about the growers experience for growers of all levels to help deliver the tools to produce the most amazing harvests possible. Optic LED is the Growers community, crowd sourced feedback into product development, we listed to our growers and execute on our promises. Many LED Companies have gone Head to Head with Optic LED and this industry is survival of the most innovative which is the #1 Reason Optic LED sits at the top of this list 5 Years in a Row arguably providing LED Tech from the future like they say. 


          Thank you to all the Optic LED Growers around the World!       








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