NEW! PhatSlim Bloom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Lights (UV/IR)

Optic Led is all about pushing the limits with what we can do with the newest led tech out there. Introducing the NEW PhatSlim Bloom 1XL is well equipped with the latest in high-end Samsung Horticulture LED Tech. Commercial grade fanless Meanwell 104 watt Dimmable Driver not only gives you reliability & efficiency but full control of your light intensity with dimmability between 10-100%. Overbuilt Optic XL anodized black, pin fin heatsink ensures the lowest running temperatures for low BTU output, maximum light production & increased lifespan.

          All NEW PhatSlim Bloom 1XL is loaded with 16 Version 2 Samsung LH351H v2 660nm Deep Red LEDs as well as 2 UV and 2 IR LEDs alongside the Samsung LM301H top tier ultra-efficient LEDs to give you a robust full cycle Spectrum, increased resin, maximum light production & big gram per watt yields.


The PhatSlim Bloom 1XL has a coverage footprint for flowering and vegging a 2x2. The New PhatSlim is the perfect addition for any grower looking to add extra UV/IR to their setup or for new growers looking to get into the newest LED Technology.

Read more about the specifications and features of the NEW PhatSlim Bloom 1XL Below:

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