Optic Led Always Innovating

We at Optic Led are always working on the next big thing, improvements or upgrades with our grow lights. At the beginning of the year Optic Led launched the rest of the Slim Series Led lights grow lights (Slim 600h, 480H, 320H and 100H) and the new Generation 4 Optic Leds which were a huge upgrade compared to old models (these include Optic 2 gen 4, Optic 4 gen 4, Optic 6 gen 4 along with the Optic 8+ NextGen and Optic 8). So it's definitely been a big year of releases for us at #teamoptic and we of course aren't done yet.
 Recently we have announced our new additions to our lineup of lights the Slim 320h Veg which is specifically designed to cover a 4x4ft to 5x5ft grow area during VEG phase and our new Slim 100 Bloom Enhancer bar which will provide customers the ability to add UV, IR and extra CREE XPE Red and Blue leds to their gardens to help promote bud growth. These lights are now out and available for shipping on our websites 
Note that if you are interested in these lights or any of our lights but you want more payment options make sure you check out our new website store at www.opticled.com
Be sure to follow us on all of our social media accounts where you can see sneak peek info about new Led growlights that we are working on and releasing soon. Also usually offer new lights for pre order so you can get your hands on them right away after release. 
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