Fall Is The Perfect Seaon For Indoor Gardening

The summer outdoor grow season has come to an end in most places and I hope everyone else had better weather than us, it was a pretty crummy summer haha. But now is my most favorite time of the year to grow indoors, the Fall. Heat and bugs are no longer a worry and neither is the cold yet.
So it's time to turn those Optic led lights back on and get some new genetics going in the indoor garden. Normally I start off with a Fall Cleaning of the grow room and get everything wiped down and cleaned up nicely, providing clean and sterile growing conditions. Growing with led grow lights like Optics is my absolute favorite during the fall season as temperatures seem to be very easy to regulate during these months and humidity gets easier to control as well. Plants just seem happier in their growth as well and I worry less about bug infestations. 
 That all being said, this Fall I am lucky enough to get to be growing with the new Optic 8+ NextGen Led Flagship light from Optic Led. A prefect addition to my collection of Optic LEDs. A very Powerful yet efficient mix of COB and quantum board technology running at 550w, should make for an awesome grow series matched up with my Slim 600H, Slim 320H and my Optic 6 Gen 4. Make sure you check out my updates from the new grow series. Links to videos will be down below. 
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