Slim 30 LED Grow Light - 2 Pack - 30w Ultra Violet and Infrared

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Slim 30 

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           For Growers who want to increase Resin production, Potency, Terpenes profile, Plant immune system and Coloring in your plans Slim 30 is for you. Comes in a 2 pack so you will get 2 Bars that you drop right into your slim series light and have any amazing spread of Ultra Violet and Infrared Spectrums across your canopy. 

          Equipped with LG UV LED Chips plus Samsung Horticulture LH351H iR LED chips.


Coverage Footprint:

Supplemental in Flower:                                                     

4' x 4' area (1.2m x 1.2m)             

5' x 5' area (1.5m x 1.5m)  


Slim 30 Components:

LEDs: 32 (Per Bar)

Bars: 2

INFRARED LEDs: 8 pcs (Dim Red LED)

- Top Bin Samsung LH351H v2 Infrared LEDs  (ir) 

Ultra Violet LEDs: 24 pcs (Purple LED)

LG UV LED - Proven Increased Resin Production and Potency

Drivers: New Driverless Technology 

Thermal management: Passive Cooling from an Overbuilt extruded fin Heat sink 

Spectrum:  Ultra Violet + Infrared 

Slim 30 Specifications:

Yield: Up to 50% increase in Resin Production

HID/HPS equivalent: 100w HPS / MH

Spectrum: Ultra Violet and Infrared

IP Rating: IP67 

LEDs Per Watt: .92

Actual Power Draw: up to 35 watts Per Bar

Amps: .4 Amps - .7 Amps 

Voltage : Internationally Used 110 volts -277v

Lifetime: 100,000 Hours+  

Warranty: 5 Years warranty -

Release Date: November 2023

Shipping: Free Shipping to USA customers

Cables: 6 Foot attached power cord 

Plug: USA, CANADA, EURO, Commercial, etc.

(We automatically ship the correct cord for your country)

Dimming: 100% Power on and off via digital timer (not included)

Recommended usage: 1-4 Hours Per Day - Increasing hours later in flower

Master Controller: Not Compatible

Fixture Dimensions: 36" x 2" x 1" 

Fixture Weight:  2lbs Total

Shipping Weight: 5 lbs 

Hanger: Comes with 2 adjustable rope ratchet hangers.

Recommended for: Grow Tents, Grow Rooms, Greenhouses & Indoor Cultivations. 

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