Why Its Important To Grow Your Own At Home

 Hi guys, Dayton aka @drautoflower here with Optic Led bringing you guys another blog and this time I would like to talk about the importance of growing your own be it your medicine or food. Now that we are living in a time where we may need to spend days if not weeks inside your home I feel that now is such an important time to be able to grow your own. This gives you the ability to stop relying solely on stores or your guy and gives you the control of your own supply. Even with a single led light in a closet (a very simple setup) you can produce months worth of high quality buds and some vegetables on the side (lettuces, beans, basil, microgreens, peas, ect). Also with Optic Led lights as efficient as they are right now you can keep power cost low and your cost on herb and veggies even lower.
 A perfect example of how recent events can easily effect your bud supply is dispensaries across Eastern Canada are now closing down leaving those who rely on there services with less access. Growing your own is how you can keep a steady supply and be able to weather the times ahead.
 Or if you want to focus on growing only vegetables and fruits our Optic Led lights are perfect for your needs. You will have no problem being able to grow any vegetables and fruits in your indoor gardens. Some customers love our lights for giving awesome early starts for your vegetables that the will put out in there outdoor gardens getting them big and healthy as seedling and some like to grow vegetables and fruits in full life cycles indoors such as Tomatoes, Peppers, beans, cucumber, strawberrys and many more. Got a favorite vegetable that is hard to find? Just get the seeds and grow your own. Plus growing your own food is an amazing feeling and makes it taste even better and it's a great stress reliever as well.
 Stay up to date with our Optic Led Growlights channel on YouTube for upcoming vegetable grow videos documenting how I go about this myself. 
Start watching at 10:00 mark.