Why Do The Generation 4 Optic Leds Cost More Then Gen 3?


The Generation 3 LED lights are all sold out now. Only Generation 4 lights are available now on the online store but why do they cost more now? Well to put it frankly, compared to the Generation 3 lights these are pretty much brand new lights all together.

 Everything has been upgraded with these new generation 4 lights such as the body, the tech inside, the LED lights and even the lenses and if you have been following along with our generation 4 optic 6 grows you can see how amazing these lights are. All the generation 4 lights are now using the same exact technology and upgrades. All lights now have Samsung lm301H, the new industry-standard Horticultural LED and the most efficient LEDs on the market 3.0umols. The bodies have all been made bigger for all three lights helping give these lights better par spread, less heat spots, and able to light up a wider area with the help of the new 120 degree cob lenses compared to the old 90 degree lenses. The cob LED lights have also been upgraded to the same cob lights as the optic 8+ and optic 4+. Bloom enhancers have been upgraded to the newer Cree xpe royal blue and deep red. All lights are now using industry-standard meanwell drivers that are now dimmable giving you the ability to save power, give the exact power your plants need, and extend the life of your light longer.

 Together all these upgrades have made these new lights more efficient, able to produce more usable light, able to cover a wider area with less heat spots, and give your light a longer lifespan. To see these Generation 4 lights and action make sure you check out our grow series on YouTube as we are currently growing with the optic 6 generation 4.