The Verdict Is In, Growers Want The Best Of The Best

Since the end of 2019 Optic Led has been upgrading its led grow lights, improving on them to make them some of the top Leds in the industry. Growers have seen this and have decided they want the best of the best in there gardens and have shown this by making the Slim 600h and Optic 8+ NextGen our top selling Leds by far. Everyone is buying these light at such a fast pace for a damn good reason too, they produce amazing results, they're built with the best tech available giving them long lifespans and they are designed by growers for growers.
 The Slim 600h and Optic 8+ NextGen are our flagship Leds for Optic and with that comes a high price tag. But when these lights can literally pay themselves off after the 1st harvest the question becomes what in the long run will produce the best results for you? The answer of course is these two bad ass grow lights as they will make a higher return on investment over the years growing with them. So for me and tons of other very happy Slim 600H and Optic 8+ NextGen growers out there the choice is a no brainer.