The NEW Slim Series Led Growlights with Industry Standard Samsung Leds

Hi there guys, Dayton here with Optic LED. In this weeks blog we are going to get into the Slim Series lights. These are the newest series of LED grow lights coming out of Optic Led. Using the Top Of The Line Samsung LM301H (super efficient chips at 3.0umols) and American made Cree XPE chips, makes these lights are perfect for vertical farming and getting lights closer then usual to the canopies of your plants. Compared to HPS lighting its like day and night comparison with WAY LESS heat and more usable light produced with less watt needed.

 The Slim series also comes in multi sizes which fits in many different size grow rooms. The Slim 600H and the Slim 480H fit perfectly in a 4x4ft and can grow a max of 5x5ft areas, The Slim 320H fits perfect in a 4x2ft to 5x2.5ft area as it is half the size of the Slim 600H. Last in the bunch is the Slim 100 which is a single bar that cover a 4x1ft area. All these lights are Using the same exact led setup with the Samsung LM301H and the (Mixed White Blend 3000k & 4000k), CREE XPE 460nm Royal Blue LEDs and 6 CREE XPE 660nm Deep Red LEDs with 120 Degree Wide Beam Lens. Also all are using Dimmable Meanwell Drivers and passive heat dispersal which means no moving parts to break down giving very long lasting life to these lights.

For more information on the Slim Series please check out these videos posted below.