Samsung Horticulture LEDs



         Here is the Lineup of the newest Samsung Horticulture LEDs that are specifically created for Greenhouse Growers and Vertical Farmers. Samsung has done some amazing studies in horticulture with many different types of crops and have developed a anti sulfurization feature just for the horticulture specific LEDs that protects the LEDs against excessive moisture and even chemicals from fertilizers or heaven forbid pesticides.


             Optic LED's Slim series Lights will always feature the Best LED technology that Samsung has to offer on the mainstream LED market. Optic LED was the first Mainstream LED Grow Light Company to begin using Samsung LM301H when we released our PhatSlim 1XL, Slim 600H, Slim 480h & Slim 320H back in June of 2019 only a few months after Samsung newsroom made the announcements. Optic LED remains committed to bringing you the best from Samsung and their horticulture LEDs to give you some of the best LED Grow Light fixtures on the planet. 


Samsung LH351H Deep Red 3.16 umol/J

LH351H - Royal Blue - 2.80 umol/J

           TECH SPEC:

 Model         PE                 Color            Nanometer

LM301H     3.10 umol/J     White         400nm-700nm

LM561H     2.84 umol/J     White         400nm-700nm

LH351H     3.12 umol/J     Deep Red       660nm

LH351H     2.80 umol/J      Royal Blue     450nm

LH351H     0.33 umol/J      Far Red         730nm            


Samsung LM301H White LED - 3.10 umol/J

Samsung LM561H White LED - 2.84 umol/J


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