Optic 1 and Optic 1XL Videos Page

Optic 1 and Optic 1XL Videos Page

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Optic 1XL Dimmable grow by MidWest Grow Guy


Optic 1XL


Optic LED COB Array Grow

Optic 1XL Grow and Harvest

Unboxing & Demo (Polo Purpp)

2020 Updates!

Optic 1 XL Harvest Results - Dutch Kush Photoperiod Grow

Optic 1 XL Harvest (two Optic 1XL flowering 1 plant)

 More than 3/4 Pounds (12.96oz) Yield from 200 watts!

100w Optic 1 XL Dry Weight Harvest Results

 Optic 1 XL Harvest (WestCoast Cannabis)

 Optic 1 and Optic 1 VEG are shown


Optic 1XL - Dutch Kush Photoperiod - (Optic1 vs Optic 1XL)(WCC)

Optic 1 XL - Dry Weight Harvest Results -7oz / 1.96gpw


Optic 1 XL - Harvesting 2 Autos from 100w COB LED Grow

 Optic 1 XL Harvest Video


Optic 1 vs Optic 1 Harvest Results - Glueberry OG & Blueberry Photoperiod Plants

Optic 1 Harvest - Glueberry OG Photoperiod - Optic 1XL vs Optic1 Grow

Optic 1 Harvest Results