Growing With Optic Leds during the Summer

 Well spring is over and summer has arrived so let's talk about growing indoors in the summer time with Optic Led. Heat, we all got to deal with it and is usually one of the biggest control factors growers need to worry about. Having your heat under control in your indoor garden can mean the difference of an awesome beautiful harvest and fluffy foxtailing stressed out looking harvest, I know all about this lol. Before when I was growing with multiple lower end Leds I was getting some bad heat issues during the summers and getting not the best harvest.   Cheaper low end Leds are cheaper for a reason. The cheaper parts in these lights usually leads to them running hotter compared to more efficient lights like Optic Leds especially our Slim Series. Along with our more efficient designs all of our lights now have dimmable drivers and many can now run our Master Controller giving you much more control of your power and heat your light is putting out. Dimmers are my favorite! 
 The Optic Slims Series is light years ahead in heat displacement design compared to cheap low end Leds I used to grow with. The multiple light bars with over built heat sinks allows heat to disperse much easier due to the large surface area and spread between each other light bar heat source. Some companies run close to the same leds as the Slim Series on their lights but put them on a single board putting them all together which causes them to run hot in the process. That's why going with Optic Led Slim Series design is a no brainer if heat is an issue in your indoor garden.
Happy summer gardening everyone!