Best Grow Lights for a 2x2ft Grow Space

We've been talking about which lights are best what certain size grow spaces in the past few weeks so I wanted to next go over what would be the best Led Grow Lights for a 2x2ft grow space. This is usually a size that beginners want to start with for growing 1 or 2 plants or for someone wanting a small Veg garden for seedlings or mother plants.
 Starting off with the best light I would recommend for this size grow spaces would be the Optic 2 Gen 4. This light has been made specifically for this size of area and covers it very nicely with a mix of the top of the line Samsung Leds (LM301H), Cree COBs and XPE bloom enhancers, now all the same tech as our flagship Optic 8+ grow light. The Optic 2 would be the biggest light fixture I would do in a 2x2ft grow space so let's get into some smaller options that you could mix and match if you wanted as some people like to start small and work their way up.
 The next step down from the Optic 2 Gen 4 would be the PhatSlim 1XL and Optic 1Xl. These are around 100w less than the Optic 2 but they are very efficient and both can cover a 2x2ft grow space. PhatSlim 1XL use the same technology as our Slim Series such as the Slim 600h but in a Puck light style where the Optic 1xl uses cree cob tech same as our flagship Optic 8+ NextGen light. Some growers like to mix the 2 different kinds or mix is the 50w versions which are the Optic 1 and PhatSlim 1. So a good mix I would consider would be a PhatSlim 1XL with one or two Optic 1, maybe a Optic 1xl dimmable with a PhatSlim 1 or if you are wanting more power then PhatSlim 1XL with a Optic 1xl.
 The nice thing is you can have the top of the line technology in a small or big package, which ever works best for you. If you want to start small and work your way up to your dream setup then it is very doable with our PhatSlim and Optic 1 Lineup.