PhatSlim 1XL Bloom Dimmable LED Grow Lights (UV/IR)

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 PhatSlim Bloom 1XL

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Secondary Acrylic Lens is now included for no additional charge. 


          PhatSlim Bloom 1XL is well equipped with the latest in high-end Samsung Horticulture LED Tech. Commercial grade fanless Meanwell 104 watt Dimmable Driver not only gives you reliability & efficiency but full control of your light intensity with dimmability between 10-100%. Overbuilt Optic XL anodized black, pin fin heatsink ensures the lowest running temperatures for low BTU output, maximum light production & increased lifespan.

          All NEW PhatSlim Bloom 1XL is loaded with 16 Version 2 Samsung LH351H v2 660nm Deep Red LEDs as well as 2 UV and 2 IR LEDs alongside the Samsung LM301H top tier ultra-efficient LEDs to give you a robust full cycle Spectrum, increased resin, maximum light production & big gram per watt yields. 


NEW! Samsung LH351H v2 - 3.75 umols/J



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Coverage Footprint:


1 Unit                                               

2' x 2' area (.6m x .6m)                      

Max 2.5' x 2.5' (.75m x .75m)             

2 Units                                   4 Units

2' x 4' area (.6m x .1.2m)         4' x 4' area (1.2m x 1.2m)    

3' x 3' area (.9m x .9m)           Max 5' x 5' (.75m x .75m)  

Veg (1 unit)

2' x 2' area @ 24"

3' x 3' area @ 18" Hang Height (1.2m x 1.2m)


Hanging Height : 

Flower: 8"-18"    

Pro Tips: Wk1-3 @18"  -  Wk4-6 @14"  - Wk7-10 @8"-9" 


  10-100% Dimmer is included.



 Dimmed at minimum 10% Power.

 Turned up to 50% Power.

 Adjusted to 100% Full Power.


PhatSlim Bloom 1XL Components:

LEDs: 380 Total LEDs 

White LEDs: 

- 360 Top Bin Samsung LM301H (Mixed White LEDs)

Bloom Enhancers: 20

- 16 Samsung LH351H v2 660nm Deep Reds LEDs 

- 4 - 2 UV and 2 IR

Optics :

Samsung LM301H LEDS: 120 Degree Wide Beam Lens

Samsung LH351H LEDs: 120 Degree Wide Beam Lens

Standard: 120 Degree Acrylic Lens/Cover 


- All 372 LEDs have a primary Lens 

 Secondary Acrylic Lens/Cover provides additional protection and a more uniform 120 Degree beam angle. PAR Meter testing shows 5% higher PAR Values with no Acrylic Lens.


Driver: Meanwell HBG Series Driver



Thermal management: Passive Cooling from an Overbuilt Anodized black Pin Fin Heat sink (Fanless Technology) 

Spectrum: Full Spectrum White Light + 660nm Deep RED + UV/IR

Shown with product images

PPFD PhatSlim Bloom 1XL in 2x2 area (NO LENS)


(Tested at 8" Hanging height in 2x2/ .6m x .6m with Apogee MQ-500) 

8" Hanging Height PPFD: 

803.31 ppfd x .36 Square meters (2x2 area)= 289.19
289.19 divided by 104 watts =


8" hanging height PPFD: 803.31


12" Hanging Height PPFD: 627.43


18" Hanging Height PPFD: 483.62




PhatSlim Bloom 1XL DIM Specifications:

Grams Per Watt: up to 2.8

Yield: Up to 291 grams / 10.4 ounces / .65 lbs

HID/HPS Equivalent: 250w HPS


IP Rating: IP65 Waterproof

PPFD @8" :

PAR Efficacy: 

Actual Power Draw: 104 watts max

Amps: 1 Amp

Lifetime: 100,000 Hours+  

Warranty: 10 Years full warranty - Lifetime warranty on Meanwell Driver

Release Date: Aug 2021

Shipping: Free Shipping in Canada and to 60+ countries 

Light Fixtures: PhatSlim Bloom 1XL Dimmable LED Grow Light

Cables: 6 Foot attached power cord 

Plug: USA, CANADA, EURO, Commercial, Industrial, etc.

(We automatically ship the correct cord for your country)

Dimming: 10-100% Dimming Capabilities (Dimmer Included)

Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 8"

Fixture Weight: 8 Pounds

Shipping Weight:  9 Pounds

Hanger: Comes with adjustable rope ratchet & Large Carabiner.

Recommended for: Closet Grow, Cabinet Grow & Grow Tents.

*International Shipments may require Taxes & Duties. Contact us for a quote!  - PhatSlim Bloom 1XL Patent Pending.


The industry's only 10 Year Warranty!




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