Will This USA Election Bring About Legalization?

Well, 2020 has been one crazy year leading up to to one of the craziest US elections in recent history. But what about going on with Federal Cannabis Law policies? It seems just like every other election I remember, just bit of pandering and that about it. Recently running mate of Joe Biden, Kamala Harris has said that they will decriminalize cannabis and expunged criminal records. Not full legislation though as Joe seems against it and still calls cannabis a gate way drug. 
 But these "promises" seem to be falling pretty flat in the cannabis community who remembers Obama saying close to the same thing before becoming president then doing nothing for 8 years to reform cannabis laws, actually medical cannabis raids were at a all time high under Obama and Biden. Also both Biden's and Harris's both have dark pasts of helping bring forth mass incarceration of cannabis users particularly black men that will not be forgotten easily. So is it pandering or true?
What about Trump? It seems highly unlikely to see legalization under Trump. He is just not for it and hard to see him changing his potions on it. But to give credit where credit is due he has signed into law the Legalization of Hemp and has taken on the policy of letting states legalize as they see fit and not harassing them with consant raids like under Obama and Biden.
So my bet is a big NO we won't see legalization in the USA Federal System from this election. 
But every American should feel so very lucky that your elections system allows you to vote on issues like cannabis legalization. As a Canadian we do not get this right and I wish we did. This is how legalization will come to America, state by state letting there voters choose. There was a massive win for Cannabis State rights last election, will this one be the same? 
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