The New Game Changer LED - Optic 8+ NextGen

 Ever since the announcements months back about the Optic Gen 4 series releasing there had been growers asking if the Optic 8+ will be getting the same next-gen upgrade? When is it coming? Will it be as Bad Ass as the Optic 6 gen 4 or Slim 600H? 
 It's a big YES and the new Optic 8+ NextGen is now on the way and is on pre-order now. This light right here will be a massive game-changer in the new Optic Led lineup and will be the new flagship light of the cob fixtures. If you want awesome pure par penetrative power this is the light that you need to go with. For commercial growers, this will be the new go-to light for amazing bud production. After growing with the Optic 6 Gen 4 in my personal garden the new Optic 8+ NextGen is a no brainer and its obvious why everyone is talking about it. 
 Big upgrades all around on this bad boy so let's talk about what has been upgraded since the Optic 8+. The Solderless COB holders have been upgraded to a much cleaner sleeker design, NEW 120 XL degree lenses are now standard giving a better more even light spread, NEW bigger heatsinks to help disperse heat more efficiently, Bigger and better Housing at 28"x28" also helping disperse heat better along with better light spread and now it is rocking the same Samsung LM301H + Cree XPE Deep Red /Royal Blue Bloom enhancers as the Optic Led. All in all these upgrades make this light one of the top led lights on the market. Also just like the Slim Series lights the Optic 8+ NextGen comes with ports that allow for the Master Controller giving you total control of your garden.
Find out what a new Optic 8+ NextGen can do in your garden. 
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