The Best LED Grow Light For a 2x4ft Space - Slim 320S NEW!!!

2021 has been the year of the Slim Series grow light at Optic LED. The Slim 320H has been discontinued and now upgraded to the Slim 320S with an all new LED configuration with brand new Samsung LEDs. If you are looking for a light that is perfect for a 2x4ft area this is it!
This all new Slim 320S is designed to give you performance that far beats what any other LED Grow Light company has on the market today at this size. Including the new Samsung LH351Hv2 Deep RED LEDs rated at 3.75 umols/J And the new Samsung LH351H Royal Blues, Paired with the Samsung White LM301H LEDs which are above 3.0 umols/J with a 2way dimmable system and rocking running 1,388 LEDs total for next-generation efficiency and tuning capabilities. This light is by far one of the most advanced LED Grow Light ever manufactured to date. Slim 320S can also be combined with our touch screen master controller which gives growers the power to recreate mother nature with precision accuracy and program Sunset and Sunrise into the light settings. 

          Slim 320S is using the best components in the industry but is also designed to last twice as long as all other grow lights today. Dimmers come standard with Slim series lights and let you control the Veg and Bloom spectrum. The light also has the industry's most overbuilt cooling system & top quality, long-lasting Meanwell Drivers. Optic LED was the first mainstream LED Grow Light company to begin using LM301H and now we are the first to publicly disclose our collaboration with Samsung and using their newest record-setting technology (LH351H) (v2) with full transparency from their Horticulture Specific Line of LEDs.
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