Thailand Now Legal!!! Indoor Growing Legal Too!!


On June 9th 2022 Thailand became the first country in Asia to legalize Cannabis and 3rd in the world after Canada and Uruguay. This is huge news as Thailand is one of the most travelled countries in the world and other travel destination countries will be eyeing up new economic oppertunities that Thai People will now be able to partake in.

 Many are already saying that it will soon become the Amsterdam of Asia and that could very well be but consumption must be private as its still can land you in big trouble if caught in public smoking or your smoke disturbs others. Other then that the laws are very liberal and everything other then extracts are not regulated now and are as legal as a vegetable. So that means indoor growing by adults is now perfectly legal and LEDs like Optic LEDs will be perfect for the gardens needing to be powerful but also low heat which the Slim Series is perfect for.

 This is the big 1st step for Thailand and tourism countries to see how legalization can help the populations after 2 years of lockdowns.

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