Optic Leds NEW Greenhouse Led - GMax 150

Optic Led is all about pushing the limits with what we can do with the newest led tech out there. One type of light has always been lacking in the Optic Led lineup and that's a GreenHouse specific led grow light, that's where the GMax 150 comes in. 
The GMax 150 is featuring the newest horticulture LED technology from Samsung with their brand new LH351H 3.1 umols/J Deep Red LEDs and the LM301H full spectrum White light LEDs. Gmax 150 was engineered to the most stringent standards of GreenHouse LED grow Lights today, with no moving parts giving better lifespan and the industry best quality components gives you a fixture with durability, next generation efficiency and Robust Spectrum and PAR from strong plant growth and yield. 
To go over the specs of this new light it can flower an area of 2x3ft or 2 would be perfect for a 3x3ft area. It is dimmable so allows you to use it at 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% power. Using 300 Top Bin Samsung LM301H 3500K White LEDs - Horticulture Series and 
12 Samsung LH351H Deep Reds LEDs - Horticulture Series. Thermal management is controlled with Passive Cooling from an Overbuilt HeatSink body. As it is designed to be used in greenhouse environments it is IP65 Waterproof Green House Rated. As well it is a very efficient 150w light rating at 
2.8 umols/j.

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