New! PAR METER Testing on Slim 480H, Slim 320VEG, Slim 100 & Slim 100 bloom enhancer

         To give growers the best tools to get the best performance out of their lights it starts with a detailed PAR MAP. Optic LED Provides true ppfd data at multiple hanging heights so the growers can see what the par output is (true plant food) in every 6" square in the coverage space and also at multiple hanging heights so you can see what the drop off is. 


      Slim 480h at 6" comes in at an incredible 3.05 umols/J. Slim 480h Blows away 99% of LED Grow Lights on the market. The key to the tremendous efficiency of our bar style lights are the Samsung horticulture leds and the massive frame of 3 1/2' x 3 1/2' to spread the intensity around with uniformity. The Massive frame allows us to get the fixture as close as 6" and still maintain optimal PAR Readings.. To get the maximum efficiency utilizing Samsung LM301H you have to have a total of 5 pcs LM301H per 1 watt of current which is considered under driving the leds for maximum efficiency.

       At Optic LED We have many more in depth par meter testing data for each model to equip you with the right data to get the most out of your light. We also have a 3rd party LED Testing company in California doing efficiency testing on several of our best models and the UL Listing company is certifying Optic 8+ NextGen & Optic 4 XL NextGen.

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