Legal Cannabis Industry Set To Bring In 92$ Billion in 2021

With many states now with legal and medical laws now in place Cannabis is starting to make a big impact on the economy. Bring in jobs, tax revenue from sales and work for auxiliary industry's these all help bump up the economy and fill tax coffers. Total economic impact is said to total close to 92$ Billion for 2021 which is a 30% boost from last year and could even hit 150$ Billion by 2025 with more states passing legislation. 
 This is of course not coming only from cannabis sales. The industry effects so many other auxiliary businesses and helps create jobs and bring in more tax dollars. Such auxiliary businesses are Fertilizer companies, Grow equipment companies, Lighting companies, Construction companies, and more. In the future careers in these industry will be just as valuable as trade careers. Now is the time for new comers to get their foot in the door with the Cannabis and auxiliary industrys because big growth is coming in the sector.
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