Led vs Hps, which is better?
This debate has been going on ever since the late 2000s when I 1st started hearing about Led grow lights. Back then there was no comparison, LEDs just didn't produce well at all and was more of a gimmick that you would waste money on after seeing it hyped on High Times Magazine. Many of us remember the UFO Leds that costs up to 1000$ + and what a rip off they were. 
 Jump to 2020 and it's a completely different story. Led lights are now light years ahead of technology wise compared to old school LEDs and is now the most popular way to grow, beating out HPS. Probably the most important technological advancement would be Led chips themselves, which have become more powerful than hps while producing less heat and using less energy along with producing higher quality end products having better flavors and resin production. Samsung's new LM301H Led is a perfect example of how far LEDs have come with a very impressive efficiency rating of 3.1umols. Umols is a measurement of efficiency and comparing to hps which is around 1.7umols you can see that LEDs are almost 2x more efficient. Meaning you need only use half the amount of electricity to produce the same amount of light. 
High-end efficient LEDs are the future and the writing is on the wall. Less Electricity needed, less heat produced, and higher quality end product. It's a no brainer. This is why Optic Led now has Samsung's LM301H LEDs in all the new generation lights. Growing with these new efficient LEDs is like night and day and something definitely worth upgrading to. 
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