Growing With Leds in Hot Conditions

Indoor growing has had an issue ever since the beginning and that issue is Heat. Heat is a major stress factor for your indoor plants because if you start getting high in heat plants start to get fried and stress out causing lower yields, possible hermaphrodites traits coming out in your genetics, and fox tailing in the buds. Back in the day of Hps gardens you pretty much needed an air conditioning unit to help keep your temperatures down. This alone adds big time to your already high power bill. 
 But now with high-efficiency low heat LEDs on the market like the LM301H many growers are upgrading and in return getting rid of their air conditioning units in their gardens. This alone is a huge reason to upgrade as it means one less thing to worry about and you save money in the long run. 
Our Slim Series lights are perfect examples of powerful cool running lights using new very efficient LEDs like the Samsung LM301H (Samsung rated these at an efficiency of 3.1umols). These lights run so cool you can easily have your hand it without feeling uncomfortable, usually, even high-end LEDs are a bit too hot to do this but the way the Slim Series is designed it easily disperses the heat better than competitor lights. 
 My recommendation is if you live in a place where it is hot or you normally deal with a lot of heat in your grow room then the Slim Series lights are your best option for getting awesome yields and low heat. 
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