Growing Autoflowers With Slim Series

Hey guys, DrAutoflower here with a new blog post about my experience growing Autoflowers with the Slim Series Tech in my gardens. The Slim Series (the Slim 600h, 480H, 320H, 100H, PhatSlim 1 and PhatSlim 1XL) all use the same led technology with the industry top-end Samsung LM301H which is one of the most efficient LEDs on the market along with the Cree XPE Bloom enhancers Deep Red and Royal Blues. So I've grown Autoflowers now on 2 separate runs once with the PhatSlim 1XL and now with the Slim 320h in my 2x4ft grow tents and the biggest noticeable change I've seen in my autos were how super dense these are. Probably the densest autos I've grown in the last 10 years which is to say a lot as I've grown with all different types of Hps light and more than 15+ different kinds of LEDs.
 As you can see if you check out my grow series on YouTube my Autoflowers are growing very nicely under the Slim Series and seem to really enjoy a Par level of 800. This Par Level along with the Bloom Enhancers provides the optimum quality of light for the plants and really helps them produce the thickest densest buds. So if you are an autoflower grower and looking for a new LED grow light to grow with then I definitely recommend Slim Series lights as a top option. 
Happy Gardening Everyone! 
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