Daisy Chain Light Control and Saving Power

The Master Controllers are now out and shipping to customers but did you know that you can actually daisy chain multiple light  together on one channel and also run 2 separate channels? Yes, that is correct. This is a game changer for medium and large scale growers with multiple rooms who want complete control of their lights.
 With using multiple led lights power consumption is something we become very aware of. In the past grow led lights ether had a on/off setting or if lucky maybe a VEG and Bloom setting but these weren't perfect by any means. Now we have the ability to give ability to give your plants exactly what they need without needing to use full blast power. An example would be during VEG you definitely don't need full power so you can program a slow ramp up to maybe 30% and then a slow ramp down and if you do this with multiple lights you will be see big saving compared to the days running lights at full power during the full grow cycle. This is a game changer your wallet will love!
Get one of these game changers today for your Optic Leds! 
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