Companies Start To Eye Up USA For Legalization


 With Joe Biden winning the presidency and the House recently passed a bill to decriminalize cannabis allow for medical research some companies are now starting to eye up the USA market as the smell of legalization is now in the air, Aphria being one of these (Aphria is a well established Canadian cannabis company).

 Aphria Inc. chief executive Irwin Simon is sees big opportunities as Democrat Joe Biden is sworn in as president of the United States within days

“We expect change to happen faster and decisions to be made sooner under the new Democratic leadership.”

Many of Aphria's competitors are feeling the same excitement around this as the USA market once fully legalized could be over 10x the size of the legal Canadian market.

the Safe Banking Act, a bill which Joe Biden is behind will allow financial institutions to work with cannabis companies legally, soon to be vice president Kamala Harris has spoken in favour of decriminalizing pot and expunging criminal records related to its possession.

The winds of change are blowing in the Cannabis industry but which companies will rise to the the top? 
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