3 Tips For Growing Autoflowers

Autoflower Cannabis in 15 years went from being the freak of the Cannabis community to a house hold staple for many. So why are so many people growing them now? With time and proper breeding autoflowers have made great gains in quality of smoke.
But Autoflower cannabis cultivation is a bit different compared to regular cannabis and some different growing techniques are needed to have a successful run.
1. Always plant your autoflower seeds in the pots they will finish in. Transplanting is not recommended, it can be done with success if you know what you are doing but not for beginners to autoflowers. The reason why is autoflowers can easily be stunted when transplanting from the disturbed roots and if they are stunted they will not grow to their full potential and lessen the yield.
2. Go easy on the nutrients. Most autoflowers seem to not like the same amount of nutrients that regular cannabis can handle. A rule of thumb most go by is whatever the amount of nutrients a regular plant requires use half of that.
3. Lst or Low Stress Training is a very important method to use to make your plant more of a bush with many tops and more bud production. High stress training is not really recommended as this too can cause stunting but can be done once more experienced. My favorite low stress training technique is tucking the larger fan leaves in to allow light to hit lower side branches.
Autoflowers are awesome to grow along with your photo period plants because they can much fast then regular cannabis providing harvests in between.
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