SOLD OUT IN CANADA OPTIC 4 GEN3 COB LED Grow Light 415W (UV/IR) 3000k & 5000k COBs

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      The New Commercial Grade Optic 4 Generation 3 COB LED Grow Light has now hit the market. Optic 4 now features CREE's newest XLAMP CXB Series COBs with 33% higher Efficacy on the same Light Emitting surface. The Full-cycle Optic 4 can be utilized from Seed to harvest as it packs a mix of warm white and cool white COBs. This new cannabis specific spectrum blend is designed to give you Explosive plant growth, amazing trichome density & Industry best yields. The mixed COB Spectrum also gives you the ultimate "True White" growing experience with our new daylight white overall color temperature. 

Max Power: 405 watts

HID equivalent: 600-watt HPS

LEDs: (Ultra Violet & Infrared Equipped)

  • 4 x 80-watt CREE XLAMP CXB2540 COB LEDs driven @ 55 watts each.
  • Total of 220 true watts driven through the highly efficient COBs.
  • Two 3000k warm white & two 5000k cool white COBs.
  • 64 x 5-watt supplemental Bridgelux/Epistar LEDs driven at 180 watts total
    • Red diodes: Epistar Dual-Core Diodes
    • Blue and White diodes: USA made Bridgelux Dual-Core Blue LEDs, Dual-Core White LEDs

COBs:  New! USA Made, 80-watt CREE XLAMP CXB2540 COBs

Optics: COBS & 5W LEDs have 90 degree Lens. Secondary Lens Directs light downwards, magnifies par, and increases canopy penetration by up to 200%. 

    Spectrum: Full-spectrum + near infrared + Ultra Violet 

    Spectrum from Bloom Enhancer LED array (5w LEDs)

    Spectrum of 3000k warm white & 5000k cool white COBs (below)

    Spectrum of COBs & Bloom Enhancer LED array combined.



    PAR: @24" 1250 u/mols @center of footprint

    Light Penetration @center of footprint


    PPFD @24": 823.83

    PAR Output @24" (.6M) Hanging Height in 3x3 area (.9m x .9m) : 



    PPFD @20": 845.13

    PAR Output @20" (.6M) Hanging Height in 3x3 area (.9m x .9m) : 

    Recommended Coverage area:

    • Veg: 4' x 4' / 1.2m x 1.2m 
    • Flower: 3' x 3' / .9m x.9m 
    • Flower 3.3' x 3.3' / 1M x 1M 

    Recommended hanging height:

    • Seedling: 36" (.9m)
    • Veg: 24"-36" (.6m-.9m)
    • Flower: 24" (.6m)

    Timer: Push button timer makes it easy to setup your lighting schedule

    Dimmability: Dual Channel, Ch.A COBs & Ch.B for Bloom Enhancer

    Ch.A COBs only (VEG & Bloom)

    Ch.B 5 Watt diode array only (Bloom Enhancer)

    Ch.A COBs & Ch.B 5 Watt array. (Flowering)


    Thermal management: new 20% Overbuilt Aluminum fin heat-sinks, slotted housing for better airflow & 4 cooling fans

    Dimensions: 14.8" x 14.8" x 2.75"

    Yield:  up to 729 grams / 26.03 ounces / 1.62 lbs

    Grams Per Watt: up to 1.8 g

    Canopy Size for Maximum Yield: 3' x 3' x 2' Deep (.9m x .9m x .6m)

    Input Voltage: AC 110v-265v Variable Voltage 

    Input Current: 3.6 Amps @ 110V / 1.9Amps @240V

    Weight: 14.7 lbs (Shipping Weight 18.0 lbs)

    Product includes: 4 Rope Ratchet hangers, 120v power cord & LED Fixture. (We automatically ship the correct power cord based on what country you live in.)

    Recommended for:

    • Grow tents (3x3) (4x4) (4x8) (5x5) (5x10) (10x10)
    • Grow rooms (All Sizes)
    • Full-cycle growing from seedling to flower
    • Soil, hydroponic, aeroponic, or aquaponic systems

    Optic LED Warranty: 5 years

    Packaging: Plain brown discrete packaging

    Shipping: See top of page