120 Degree Lens (Fits Optic 1 & Optic 1 XL)


        120 Degree Lens (fits Optic 1, 1 VEG & 1 XL)


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To give you more options for customization we are no offering 120 Degree Lenses. This particular lens will spread the light out significantly more than the 90-degree lens. This Lens will give you a more even PAR Spread across your Canopy and remove some of the intensity from the middle. This will also allow you to get your light closer to the Canopy so if you're limited on height this can be a big help. 


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Material: high-quality glass

Beam Angle: 120 Degree


This Lens Fits the following models.

- Optic 1 54w

- Optic 1 VEG 54w

- Optic 1 XL 100w

- Optic 1 XL Dimmable 100w


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