Growing With The Slim 600H

Hi guys,

Dayton aka DrAutoflower here with Optic LED. I've now had the new Slim 600H in my 4x4 garden for almost 1.5 months and I am totally loving it so far!

 This light is Powerful! even on the lower setting this light is awesome for growing plants. Matched together with the design of this light body allows for very even par light spread that makes this light perfect for vertical farming.

 Also my favorite this about the Slim 600H is that it is super efficient and runs at very low temperature compared to other 600w led lights. You don't even need to use its full power until mid flower making this lights lifespan much better compared to lights ran at full power non stop. Saving you money on electricity and controlling your heat in the grow room.

Don't just take my word for it, see for yourself in my documented on going grow with my Slim 600H.









Dr Autoflower Optic 8+ Garden - 12-17-19


 Optic 8+ Garden - Dec.13th 2019


Optic 8+ Garden - Dec. 9th 2019


 DR Autoflower - Building up his garden again