Pay with Crypto !! Optic LED will accept Bitcoin or your favorite crypto coin as payment for your new Light.


           Optic LED began accepting Payments with Bitcoin and other Crypto's in 2021. We have opened our crypto wallets to know be able to accept over 100 crypto currencies from around the world. When you choose your favorite Optic LED, at checkout for method of payment just choose "Bitcoin or Crypto Currencies" to complete your order. Once your order is completed you will receive an email from our Team confirming which crypto coin you would like to send as method of payment. We will then provide you a walllet address to send your coins to and the exact amount of coins to send to that wallet address. These payments clear immediately and orders ship right away. 


              Paying in Crypto is a great option for anybody and has many benefits. International customers love to be able to pay in crypto as then they do not have the banks making things difficult for them to do international transactions. Banks sometimes require to get payment approvals in advance on larger sums of money or international purchases. Crypto Payments is smooth and easy, Just send your crypto to the specific wallet address we provide you and your good to go. Optic LED has already accepted over 100 crypto transactions and received payment in over 10 different Crypto Coins. 


              If you have further questions, please contact. 




















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